Street grid,  Chine collé, Hard ground and sugar lift etching, 2017
For Agnes, Hard ground etching, 2017
For Agnes ll, Hand painted, Hard ground etching, 2017
Sunburst and grid, hard ground and drypoint etching, 2018
Sticks, hard ground etching and watercolor
Dirty Spool, etching, 2018
Corseted Spool and red waist, hand colored etching, 2017
Corseted Spool lll, etching, 2018
Sunflowers, woodblock print and gold leaf
Obscured Resistance, mixed media with etching, 2018
Resistance ll, soft ground etching with thread, 2018
Barbed rope, Hard and soft ground etching, 2018
Dotted grid, hard ground and sugar lift, 2017
poloroaid flora.jpg
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